Advocate. Represent. Protect.

We represent and advocate for children navigating the justice system.


Support research and law reform initiatives to improve the representation of children in the justice system.


Volunteer lawyers appear in court to represent children and youth.


Protect the rights of children by ensuring their legal interests are represented for at all stages of the court process.

The Child Advocacy Project (CAP) is dedicated to enhancing access to justice for children by providing free legal services to low income families who cannot afford a lawyer.

Volunteer lawyers provide assistance on legal issues that impact upon the health and wellbeing of children and youth. Some CAP programs are set up as partnerships between lawyers and community groups that serve children and youth.

The following are CAP’s current pro bono programs. Families must meet eligibility requirements (financial and merit).

Volunteer Lawyer Testimonials

B. Hollingsworth

B. Hollingsworth

Volunteer Lawyer

"Having a lawyer on my client's side not only got the school's attention but within 6 weeks of my initial letter, virtually all of the accommodations she required were put into place. My client's parents felt empowered when, after being stonewalled for years, we had a face-to-face meeting with school officials that began with an apology from the principal. The client now has her special needs accommodated and her parents have an established protocol for communicating with the school. Once I put the issue to the school in terms of the child's human rights, everything changed. That is something the average parent is not equipped to do, but is easy for a lawyer to do."

C. Wiley

C. Wiley

Volunteer Lawyer

"I've thoroughly enjoyed my experience in the education law program. Of course it was satisfying to fulfill my professional obligation to contribute to the community and, as a recent call, it was a great way to practice some advocacy skills. However, it was the chance to help a family resolve a problem that impacted on their daily lives in such a fundamental way that was the most rewarding. I'm now looking forward to my next case!"

C. Hoole

C. Hoole

Volunteer Lawyer

"My experiences as a volunteer in the unaccompanied minors project have been among the most fulfilling of my first year of practice. More than any other experience, they have given the opportunity to contribute to, and then witness, an outcome of profound significance to a young person's life. In some cases, they have also led to enduring relationships of friendship."


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Volunteer or financial support will help ensure children are represented and their rights protected.

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